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Zaid Huq
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Ethelon Academy


  1. Introduction
  2. Our Vision
  3. Problem Statements
  4. Scope Of The Problem
  5. Product Solution
  6. Immediate Functionalities
  7. Courses
  8. Learning Pathways
  9. Reward System and Tokenomics
  10. LRN Utility
  11. NFT Reward System
  12. Ethelon Academy Governance
  13. Token Implementation and Sustainability
  14. Road Map and Future Development
  15. Conclusion


Ethelon Academy is a Learn To Earn (L2E) decentralized cohort-based learning platform that enables passionate learners to upskill in future technologies, incentivizing users with a lucrative reward system and providing jobs and networking opportunities.

The company is targeting the $360 billion professional development market and the metaverse market which is reported to be $678 billion by 2030, with the aim of building a decentralized professional development ecosystem focusing on gaining practical future-career skills through building real products rather than relying on learning theory.

Our Vision

“We must come together — governments, businesses, and society — to provide education, skills, and jobs for at least 1 billion people by 2030.”

World Economic Forum

The world is currently experiencing a paradigm shift in technology as we have begun to moonshot into web 3 and the metaverse. The world will face a re-skilling emergency. More than 1 billion jobs (almost one-third of all jobs worldwide) are likely to be transformed by technology in less than a decade, according to OECD estimates. As jobs evolve, so will the skills needed to perform them.

Ethelon will serve to be a beacon of light and help learners and content creators navigate the new frontiers of Web3 under the pillars of sustainability, transparency, and reliability.

Problem Statements

  1. Lack of awareness: There is very little awareness about outlandish technologies as well as limited resources that pander to this curiosity.
  2. 1:1 Classes make things boring: The trend in most EdTech platforms is to provide personalized 1:1 classes which hinder the process of community building and networking which is paramount in Web3.
  3. Lack of accountability: Students are not held accountable for their learning and are not motivated to learn.
  4. No tracking: E-learning platforms don’t track progress while simultaneously inspiring the student.
  5. No rewards system: E-learners and content creators are not rewarded or incentivized.

Scope Of The Problem

No Incentives for learners.

Today’s conventional centralized education institutions and Ed-tech platforms are offering courses without incentives and no guarantee of employment, and the skills that institutions take years to imbibe in learners turn out to be obsolete and are not put into practice, the only outcome of having a degree or a completion certificate is to flex on LinkedIn.

We feel that the growing digital economy is now understaffed because higher education institutions are failing to adapt to market demands and are not updating their curriculum to teach skills that can help students land high-paying jobs.

Swimming in a red ocean.

Today’s ed-tech companies are teaching skills that are applied in a highly competitive environment or a red ocean, as steep demand for such skills increases, there will a lot of competition for good developer jobs with high salaries. There is a significant need for futuristic skills in an evolving digital ecosystem, but the supply of such skillsets is limited.

Lack of awareness

The most resounding problem we are trying to solve is to create awareness. Metaverse is going to be an $8 Trillion revenue opportunity and not many people are aware of the wave of lucrative possibilities the world of Web3 will create and how can they leverage these opportunities to create income streams.

Difficult Hiring

CEOs of Web3 and crypto-based startups are looking to expand their team but don’t know where to look. The web3 ecosystem being very nascent presents an obstacle to hiring skilled individuals. Out of 2million Web2 developers, there are just 15,000 web3 developers in India. With NFTs being just over a year old, hiring skilled individuals to work on outlandish technology might be a cumbersome process.

Product Solution

Ethelon academy is the world’s first cohort and smart-incentives-based online education platform that will revolutionize global education and tech recruiting. The main purpose of Ethelon Academy is to help students acquire skills that are currently required by Crypto, NFT, DeFi, and metaverse projects via cohort-based courses and help students develop a comprehensive portfolio that will be used to get them jobs in the metaverse and crypto ecosystem.

With the dawn of the NFT boom, starting an NFT project will be as mainstream as making an app on the app store. And people will look for guidance on how to launch and profit from their projects. The NFT course provides a step-by-step blueprint on how to launch a successful NFT project.

Ethelon will also serve as a hiring platform for web 3 business owners to interact with our students and offer job and freelance opportunities. This will help the student build a better portfolio and would help recruiters fulfill their hiring demands.

A cohort creates networking opportunities and will be the driving force in creating a collaborative environment among learners. Students will have live classes twice a week and learn from industry experts in a virtual classroom setting. On other days they can work together and deliver assignments and brainstorm ideas.

Ethelon plans on pivoting into the metaverse that would eventually offer an immersive classroom experience using AR and VR technology and would cater to a more engaging and holistic experience. Buying land and creating a virtual campus for students to hang out and take part in activities that can earn them coins is something that we will deliver in the coming future.

We also aim to help Web3 employers who find it difficult to hire quality temporary/permanent workers that fit their budgets. Our customized solution is to connect students with employers to create a pathway for potential job recruitment and networking solutions under the Web 3 umbrella.

Ethelon aims to be a one-stop platform for curious and passionate entrepreneurs to learn new skills, make new friends, participate in a community that works together, and get hired by companies that deal with web3 technology.

For us, as entrepreneurs who want to influence the world, helping students and promoting Blockchain and Web3 technology is the realization of our dream.


Immediate Functionalities

Learn in demand skills from industry experts and 3x your salary.

Compete and grow with a cohort of like minded learners and build relationships and products.

Earn $LRN tokens every step of the way.

Learn and earn via recorded Videos and Live sessions.

1:1 Mentorship/AMAs from experts.

Work on industry projects and build a portfolio.

Get Certified and get rewarded with NFTs.

Access to in-person events.

Placement support and guidance.


The metaverse will create a multitude of job opportunities that will cater to a variety of sectors. Ethelon offers a plethora of courses that would captivate students from different sectors. Ranging from artists, devs, and managers.

These courses are effectively designed to help students leverage in-demand monetizable skills and get job offers in the Web3 space.

1. Mastering NFTs :

We are way beyond understanding what NFTs are and how they work. What people need to learn is how to build an NFT project. As you know building, marketing, and launching an NFT project is not easy and extremely overwhelming.

To make it even worse the NFT space is so new that there is little to no educational content online that can walk you through the entire process of building a project step-by-step. This elite NFT course was created for this exact reason, to help project creators mint and build NFT projects following a proven fast track system.

Course contents

  • Create Art: Learn software like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and create a collection of 10,000 NFTs similar to collections like crypto punks, doodles, and Azuki.
  • Discord: Learn how to build your discord, provide support, hire mods, and add bots, while most importantly sustaining momentum leading up to mint day.
  • Development and Deployment: Deploy a smart contract with a minting functionality, we understand solidity can be intimidating and we will do our best to make it as simple as possible and easy to learn.
  • 3D Design: Learn the basics of 3D Design by creating avatars utilities, weapons, and land designs on the Sandbox metaverse.
  • Learn to give back: Learn how to execute wallet drops to holders and deliver other community promises.
  • Flip NFTs : Learn the best strategies to flip NFTs and how to find those hidden gems amongst thousands of projects.

2. Web 3 Development :

If you are a Web2 developer looking to enter Web3. This course is for you. Become a Web3/Blockchain developer by learning to deploy smart contracts and everything about the underlying tech involved in the web3 ecosystem.

Learn solidity and truffle,Web3 Js, and create an exciting portfolio to show off

Course contents

  • What are smart contracts?
  • Crash course on React JS and Web Dev.
  • Solidity
  • Truffle/ Web3.Js
  • Chainlink VRF

Work on projects like:

  1. Launch an NFT Marketplace
  2. Launch an ICO
  3. Deploy a DeFi exchange

3. Game Development:

Gaming is going to be huge in the metaverse, and game development will be in demand more than it ever was. This course is for people who are looking to make it big by designing and scripting games with AR and VR integration for the metaverse.

Course contents

  • Basics of game development and Web3
  • Unity 2D
  • Unity 3D
  • Understanding Play to Earn games

As per various market estimates, the global gaming market is expected to surpass USD 200 billion by 2022 and the AR and VR technologies are one of the major reasons for this exponential growth of the gaming industry.

Future Courses

Web3 is massive, and what we experience is just the tip of the iceberg, in the metaverse, there will be so many jobs and businesses that need help in marketing and scaling, we will constantly keep expanding our courses to make sure we are up to date in serving the community the most relevant courses our future courses will cater to a variety of niches like digital marketing in the metaverse, community/land management, metaverse real estate course, etc…

Learning Pathways

We understand that not everyone is looking to master Web3 or fully build and execute an NFT project. We have 3 pathways that cater to different mastery levels and are categorized based on difficulty and duration of the course.

Herald - For people who want to tinker and experiment

Archon - For people who want to learn and earn with Web3.

Radiant - For people who are serious about the space and looking to deep dive and make a killing.

Learning pathways

The courses are curated differently based on the level chosen giving the learner flexibility in deciding the extent of mastery and the time dedicated to the selected course.

This provides room for selecting multiple courses based on your goals and ambitions.

Reward System and Tokenomics

Ethelon is building a blockchain smart contract technology on top of the Polygon blockchain using ERC20 tokenization mechanics. A native protocol will be used for payments and rewards in the ecosystem by introducing a bounty system.

Bounty System

Ethelon will simultaneously reward students and educators through gamification, ensuring the long-term retention of our users; actively encouraging the learning process by the adoption of our cryptocurrency, and incentivizing learners with the Ethelon smart contract utility token ($LRN).

$LRN Token will be awarded to students on completing a task or achieving a certain milestone.

Such tasks are:

$LRN Utility

  • $LRN can be used to purchase other courses or increase the level of the existing course.
  • Can be exchanged for exciting gifts like Quest2 /PS5/Laptop.
  • Can be used to gain access to IRL events/Webinars/Web3 conferences.
  • To tip fellow classmates or community members for helping or adding value to the community.
  • Can be used to purchase whitelist spots for upcoming NFT projects.
  • $LRN can be sold/traded on our partner exchange platform.

NFT Reward System:

Students will be able to mint a free NFT on completing any level (herald/archon/radiant) of a particular course.

The free NFT minted will have different rarities based on the level chosen, with the Radiant NFT being the rarest.

The NFTs can be staked to earn $LRN tokens passively, the staking reward depends on the NFT Tier.

💰Herald NFT : 10 $LRN/DAY

💰Archon NFT: 50 $LRN/DAY

💰Radiant NFT: 100 $LRN/DAY

Holders of the Ethelon NFT will be given exclusive access to events and perks

📚Access to all course material, live session recordings, and all platform utilities.

🗣Access to networking forums and alpha discord servers/WhatsApp/Telegram groups.

🎫Entry to in-person and metaverse events/conferences.

⚔Eligibility to take part in community activities and voting rights

🏖Fully sponsored trip and IRL meetup with your cohort at an exciting location(Ex Goa).

Ethelon Academy Governance

Ever dreamed of going to a school where the power is with the students and not the principal or deans? Where students have more decision-making power than the centralized hierarchical authorities, where management of the curriculum and resources are decided by the students?

$LRN will be used as the governance token for Ethelon Academy and allow for a weighted voting system to be implemented. This means the more $LRN token you possess the more voting power you will be given. This adds utility to the token and encourages holding in order to maximize your influence on the direction that the academy takes.

Users can vote on decisions regarding token usage, curriculum and addition of courses, and the future shape of the academy.

Token Implementation and Sustainability

Ethelon will look to launch launching an initial DEX offering for $LRN tokens on the ERC-20 network, with a model that encourages people to continually invest in their education and continue to grow academically throughout their lives. The purpose of utilizing a decentralized ledger technology and a requisite utility token is the immutable proof of accomplishment of courses and earning certificates in the context of providing proof of qualified education to third parties such as employers and institutions.

Holders will soon be able to swap/sell $LRN Tokens via our DeFi/Crypto exchange partner platform.

Digital Certification

On completion of a course at any level, an immutable digital record of academic accomplishment is created for use in these ways:

1. Permanently inserting the certification on the blockchain.

2. Creating an indelible proof of participation and completion of programs on the Ethelon Platform.

3. Creating a mirrored digital record of proof of completion and issuing a digital certificate to the student.

Road Map and Future Development

Roadmap 1.0

1. Ethelon Mobile App

Mobile App

2. Virtual Campus in the Metaverse


Ethelon is building a Meta school for degens normies and business owners to learn, earn, network, and make a bag. We want to bring a whole new level of education and cohort-based learning. A school for the metaverse in the metaverse, A LEARNING EXPERIENCE LIKE NEVER BEFORE. We want to broaden the horizons of a learning experience and add value to people's lives by providing them state-of-the-art opportunities and experiences, welcome to the school of the future.

Welcome to Ethelon Academy.




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