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Work from Home Earning Options in METAVERSE!

Zaid Huq
6 min readApr 16, 2022


Careers are getting outdated at a rapid pace. Opportunities in the future are created by what you learn in the present, and people who take action and execute on ideas are more likely to excel and pivot more than those who don’t.

Your future becomes your present very quickly and if you are not updated with the current trends it will lead to suboptimal outcomes. The culture of working from home is very new and back in 2018, it would seem odd if you told someone that you worked from home. Once the pandemic hit the entire notion of working from home changed drastically and is now contradictory to the perspective we had 2 years back, it is considered unusual if one goes to an office. The work-from-home economy came in fast and it is here to stay. If we zoom ahead in the future there will be many work-from-home opportunities that are imperative to understand and curate our skillset towards it.

First Opportunity

P2E Games

There are currently a range of businesses being built around play-to-earn games. To understand play-to-earn games we need to understand the concept of centralized games. Games like Fifa which is run by EA sports form a closed economy, assets bought within the game can be used in the game itself and are obsolete outside the game, so if EA sports were to shutdown FIFA, all your purchases within the game will be lost.


The adoption of web3.0 and cryptocurrencies has resulted in the inception of decentralized gaming, games like Axie infinity and sandbox provide massive potential to make money. A case study to prove this point is of Philipines, where in 2020 a lot of people lost their jobs. Then they moved on to playing Axie Infinity, which is a decentralized play-to-earn game. Now here people ended up making more than $1500 every month, which was much higher than what they were making through their real job. This game got so popular in the Philippines that the Filipino government is now trying to figure out how to tax the earnings from this game.

Axie Infinity

Let us decode Axie Infinity.

Axies are cute pets that are needed to participate in the Axie infinity game and these creatures need to be bought in order to start playing it.

Axie creatures

There are many ways in which a player can make a fortune from playing this game:

  1. Harvesting smooth love potions: Smooth love potions (SLP) is the utility token used on the Axie infinity ecosystem that can be earned by playing this game. This acts as a tradable commodity, the more you play you can gain more SLP tokens that you can sell.
  2. Breeding and selling Axies: Axies are creatures that battle amongst each other, these axies can be bred to create offsprings that can be sold.
  3. Creating an Axie scholarship program: This game became so popular that the barrier to entry was very high, so people who already had axies started loaning it out for others to lay the game.
  4. Investing in Lunacia : Plots of land in the axie infinity metaverse can be purchased and resold for a higher amount.
  5. Staking Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)

How do you start playing Axie Infinity ?

  1. Get an Ethereum-based wallet like MetaMask that stores Ethereum as a currency.
  2. You need a ronin wallet, as ronin wallet is the native wallet in the axie infinity ecosystem that allows you to store axies.
  3. You need to buy 3 Axies to start playing the game. The price of axies has significantly increased due to their rising popularity. However, there are scholarship programs started by axie owners who lend their axies for you to play in exchange for SLP earnings.
  4. Once you have activated your axie account and got the necessary number of axies you just need to download the game and start playing.

There is a myriad of games that are in development that will create lucrative income possibilities.

Opportunity 2

Ecommerce platform for NFTs and Metaverse assets

Open sea is currently the most popular metaverse platform for trading NFTs. You can buy and list NFTs from different play to earn and metaverse games, for example, if I want to play Axie infinity, you can bid for an axie and procure it to start playing the game.

MetaMask is a custodial wallet that holds a collection of digital assets that you own on the blockchain. And opensea simply becomes an eBay for selling and buying NFTs.

But since this idea has already been executed and a lot of companies have been experimenting with it but as this happens the ideas have started to become more and more niche.

For example, virtual shopping is a very prominent and nascent concept that is coming into retail and companies have started to create metaverse oriented stores.

Omnichannel is a buzzword in retail, omnichannel simply means that the brands try to create a seamless experience between their different distribution networks. For example, almost all the companies sell through their physical stores. They also sell through e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart

Social media is another way in which brands try to sell to their customers. So these are different distribution channels. Similarly, metaverse will become one major distribution channel for a large chunk of retailers going forward.

A time might come when the metaverse will be the most widely used distribution channel and people will buy more stuff in the metaverse compared to e-commerce platforms as there are a lot of positives of e-commerce shopping in the metaverse.

Shopping in the metaverse will be an amalgamation of the convenience of online shopping and the immersive experience that buying in a physical store offers. When AR and VR become more mainstream, people can put on their headsets transport themselves into the metaverse, and buy things. This will create a very convenient and immersive shopping experience and from that perspective, it seems like a thriving idea.

Charlotte Tilbury launched its first virtual store in 2020 and now has migrated to virtual beauty gifting wonderland.

Now how can you leverage such opportunities?

  • You can become a virtual shopping assistant to help people shop better in the metaverse
  • Create integration websites to bring together different metaverse assets.
  • Create a customer support service that helps meta shoppers shop.

This brings us to the third opportunity

Customer support service

Whenever new tech gets introduced, there is a lot of friction with it. People who are not tech-savvy will require a lot of assistance even to do simple tasks. For example, a lot of people in the US, can’t operate computers, or laptops. And a large part of that tech support is outsourced to India, and there are people who work from home and provide support to American customers.

There are also kiosks that help people who are not tech-friendly to fill out application forms

The driving point is that as we migrate from online systems to the metaverse, a lot of people would need help in terms of availing of tech support, and that becomes a golden opportunity to create a range of businesses. Right from telling people how to open a MetaMask wallet or how to buy Ethereum and shop in the metaverse and how to build security around such things.

A few years from now such jobs will become quite common and this simple narrative is what will kickstart a work from home 2.0 economy.



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