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The power of music NFTs

NFTs are going to be the most consequential change in music since streaming music, this landscape is evolving and it's evolving fast and what looked like just a trend will turn into being a lifestyle.

How NFTs will become a big part of the music industry and how musicians will make money from them.

NFTs are a method of gaining actual ownership of an object, a song, playlist, or album. They have unique identifying numbers and act as the establishments of digital scarcity. As a music composer, blockchain technology may support NFT rarity and functionality across many facets of music interaction, including tracks, playlists, tickets, merchandising, and even customised VIP packages .Musicians can sell art, this can be their logo, album cover, or some other iconic art.

What is an NFT Music Marketplace?

An NFT music marketplace is a decentralized application (dApp) where artists and fans can buy and sell NFT music products. Artists can upload tracks to NFT music platforms and distribute them on the blockchain. Also, fans can gain access to exclusive and rare material. Plus, limited edition NFTs can sometimes come with real-life experiences such as artist meet-and-greets!

Polygon X Token||Traxx

Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform onboarding millions to Web3, today announced a partnership with NFT music platform Token||Traxx™ ahead of its Token Generation Event (TGE) this month. The collaboration will allow Token||Traxx to leverage Polygon’s low-cost and interoperable infrastructure to build out its music NFT marketplace.

Indias pivot into music NFTs

India-based media and consulting firm One Mercuri has formed a music and entertainment non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace called WishWorld.

Some Popular Music NFT Protocols:

  • Fragsy (music royalties platform)- Fragsy enables everyone to own pieces of music and get passive income from what this music generates. Fragsy aspires to democratize music ownership.
  • Audius (music streaming platform)- Audius, a fully decentralized music streaming protocol built with public blockchain infrastructure and other decentralized technologies. Audius allows artists to distribute to and get paid directly from their fans
  • Yellowheart (concert tickets platform)- YellowHeart is a made-in-NYC, NFT live event ticketing and blockchain collectibles platform powered by distributed ledger technology and built exclusively for the benefit of artists, teams and their authentic fans.
  • Nina (music editions platform)- Nina is a Web3 marketplaces, offering the benefits of blockchain and NFT technology to musicians and artists. But now, the introduction of Nina Hubs will allow a whole new way of thinking about what the Web3 music industry could be.
  • Gala music - is more than some music streaming service. It’s a decentralized world for music that empowers artists, supporters and fans by allowing them to actively participate in the music experience like never before.

When Revolutionary tech meets symphony — What lies ahead?

The traditional music industry is being disrupted by NFTs. NFTs enable artists to maintain control over their songs and careers. NFT music marketplace services also allow fans to purchase and sell music, goods, special experiences, and rare works. NFTs also allow musicians to blend visual art, music, rare collectibles, and fan involvement experiences. Combining such a diverse range of items into a single format would be practically impossible without blockchain and NFTs.



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